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Easy Cleaner Registry  v.1.1

Easy Cleaner Registry provides an easy and user-friendly interface to repair your windows registry. It is compatible with most Wintel platforms from Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and vista. Use the one click button to scan registry error and repair al

Automotivesoftwarereviews.exe  v.5

Automotive software is useful to the automobile industry to a great extent. Automotive software is widely used by people related to repair shops or garages, car dealers, gas stations, fleet managers

Rescue Megaman  v.1.0

Friends have to rescue Megaman. He is in trouble. Captivated by the evil Dr.Wily Megaman has only few hours left before he is recycled to a pile of screws and bolts. Luckily enough, your friend Dr. Light managed to repair the maintenance robot called

Safe Express Free  v.5.5

What is the need for encrypting email messages you might ask yourself? But if any of your important messages get intercepted and read by other people, it could bring a lot of damage to you. This is where Safe Express comes into play. This software is

Rising PC Doctor  v.

Rising PC Doctor, professional and smart security tool to computer users.With its seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB storage devices, ability to repair Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows, Trojan Behavior Detector

Burning Fight -

This game uses elements that are very similar to Konamis crime Fighters: balanced character selection, objects and weapons found on the ground cause greater damage to opponents, and semi-interactive environments (players can damage objects like phone

I2e image enhancement plug-in  v.1.0

The Colour-Science i2e image enhancement plug-in for Photoshop is now allowing Photoshop users to use the Colour-Science i2e image enhancement technology within Photoshop or other compatible software. i2e is used today in many professional photo labs

Mail Dynamic Signature Fix  v.2.0.27

Mail Dynamic Signature Fix 2.0.27 is a widget to repair a bug in Apples present since 10.4.0. This unofficial patch restores the ability to modify email signatures via AppleScript.Enhancements: Rewritten as a mail bundle in pure

MSI Launch  v.

There was once a time when EXE files ruled the installation arena, but nowadays it is the MSI file. These installers make it easier to uninstall an application or - more importantly - they give you the option to repair a damaged program instead of

My IE Sweeper  v.1

My IE Sweeper 1 is a flexible, efficient, and easy to use antispyware. When you visit some Web site, often install some unintelligible plug-in. This program can fast detection and delete these rubbishes. It can help you to repair Internet Explorer

Samurai  v.2.5

Samurai 2.5 is designed for you to repair all of the major flaws known to exist in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Unlike signature-based protection, Samurai repairs the problem, so that all attacks capitalizing on a specific vulnerability are

Stereo Tool  v.2.10

Stereo Tool is a free Winamp plugin that can be used to manipulate sounds. It was originally created to repair phase shift problems in stereo recordings, but it can do a lot more, like keeping the playback of each song at the same volume. Currently,

Treasured for Mac OS  v.2.0

Video professionals can now check whether a corrupt file still contains the precious footage and is repairable, directly on their computer and in a few minutes. A video frames preview is provided in 80% of cases. If you decide to repair the file,

Correct errors on the disk  v.1.0

Correct errors on the disk is a handy and reliable application designed to check for disk errors. The tool then tries to repair any that it finds. For example, Correct errors on the disk can repair problems related to bad sectors, lost clusters,

Excel Recovery Free  v.1.0

Excel Recovery Free is a full-featured program for repairing damaged and corrupted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents and restoring any data which has been lost due to damage to the file. Data can be lost or become corrupted due to a number of

SQL Recovery Free  v.1.0

SQL Recovery Free is used to repair damaged databases Microsoft SQL Server format (*. mdf). This utility helps you to save critical data and avoid their loss. The program uses a step by step reconstruction algorithm. 1. SQL Recovery Free searches

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